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Friday, February 11, 2011

Oma's Fabulous Viennese Schnitzel and Potatoes

The meal!  Schnitzel with applesauce (the only way to eat it!) and potatoes.
I posted earlier about my grandma (Oma) and her yummy cooking.  Oma grew up in Vienna, Austria, and this is how her mom (my great grandma) made schnitzel and now Oma has shared the recipe with me.  When I think of Oma's food, there are a few items of food that she always made and I really love and remember: her special fruit salad, matzah brie, schnitzel, and something she called Sara-and Kevin-Potatoes (I'm Sara and my brother's name is Kevin).  (For those of you that don't know, matzah brie is a breakfast dish made with matzah - for Passover - and eggs, sort of like french toast but with matzah.)

So, I am very happy to have the recipe for Oma's schnitzel and potatoes.  Schnitzel is (in Vienna) often veal, but in my family we most of the time use chicken (and sometimes turkey).  You pound it flat and dredge it in flour and breadcrumbs with some spices.  Then you pan fry it.  And it is wonderful.

Here are the ingredients:

Serves 2 -3.

1 - 1 1/2 lbs. Chicken or Turkey Cutlets
salt and pepper to taste
1-2 tablespoons paprika
whole wheat flour
canola oil


1.  Pound the cutlets flat.  Put the meat between two sheets of wax paper and beat with a mallet or meat tenderizer until thin.  You want the cutlets surprisingly thin.  I always get worried that they are being pounded too thin, but they aren't.  Oma knows best!

Pounding the cutlets.
Surprisingly thin!
2.  Salt and pepper the thinned cutlets.
3.  To the potatoes for a quick moment: we used yukon gold mini potatoes.  All you do is scrub the outside of the potatoes and cut them into chunks.  Put the chunks into boiling salted water.  Pay attention to the potatoes because you take them out of the water when they are 2/3 cooked, at which point you peel them by hand.  You cook them the rest of the way later.  
Potato chunks.
4.  Back to the schnitzel: Put canola oil on a griddle or pan and begin heating.  Set up the dredging assembly line.  Plate #1 - milk.  Plate #2 - whole wheat flour.  Plate #3 - eggs with a dash of milk.  Plate #4 - bread crumbs mixed with paprika.

Plate #1 - Milk.
Plate #2 - Whole Wheat Flour.
Plate #3 - Eggs with a Dash of Milk.
Plate #4 - Breadcrumbs and Paprika. 
Plate #4 again, all mixed up.
5. Begin the dredging process.  Dip cutlet in milk.  Allow excess to drip off.
Dipping in the milk.
6.  Dip the cutlet into the whole wheat flour.  Shake off the excess.
Into the whole wheat flour.
7.  Next, put the cutlet in the egg mixture.  Again, let excess drain off.
Into the egg.
8.  Then, cutlet goes into the bread crumb and paprika mixture.  Make sure the cutlet is fully coated with breadcrumbs, but not too densely. 
Into the breadcrumbs. 
You want it coated so that is looks sort of like this.
9.  Begin pan frying the cutlets.  You want them nice, crispy, and a darker brown.
Frying up the cutlets.
10.  Back to the potatoes: remove potatoes from water and allow to cool down.  Once cool enough to touch without burning, peel them.  The peels should just come off easily - just pull on them with your fingers.
Peeling the potatoes.
11.  Then slice the potatoes into smaller bits.  Once you are done frying all the schnitzel, put the potatoes on the same griddle/ pan, in the same oil.  This makes the potatoes brown and gives them a really great flavor.
The browned, delicious potatoes! YUM!
Makes 10-12 servings.  Now, all that's left is to enjoy the schnitzel and potatoes.  They are delicious.  Eat the schnitzel with applesauce.  It's the only way.  Thanks, Oma!!!

The meal.

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